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How To Create A Successful Promoted Post Ad On Facebook (Infographic)

Facebook Ads

When running a Facebook ad, you have many different options:

  • Page Post Engagements
  • Page Likes
  • Clicks To Website
  • Website Conversions
  • App Install And Engagement
  • Eve,t Response
  • Offer Claim
  • Video Views
  • Local Awareness
  • The Carrousel Format
  • Dynamic Products
  • Slideshow
  • Lead
  • Canvas

One of the most popular options is the Page Post Engagement Ad.
This ad allows you to promote a specific post that will appear in your chosen audience’s news feed.

Facebook Promoted Post Ads

When you create a promoted post, it is important that it reaches the right audience.
You don’t want to spend your money, time and effort shoing your ad to people who are not interested, right?!

Facebook offers you several options that will help you to connect with potential customers and make your promoted post successful.

Check out the infographic to find out about all available options and make sure you make the most out of your promoted posts.

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10 Ways To Use Fiverr For Facebook Marketing

Fiverr – A Low Cost Way To Get Things Done Professionally

In Facebook marketing there are a lot of challenges one has to overcome, competition being only one of them. At this point there are millions of fan pages in thousands of niches. Because of this, it has become difficult to stand out from the crowd. All the tasks that are involved in a setting up a successful Facebook marketing campaign could take more than a lifetime – if you’re working on your own, that is.

Fortunately, Fiverr provides us Facebook marketers with an extensive outsourcing system. On the site, you can hire people to take over a lot of your tasks. If you choose your gigs well and hire the professionals to do things for you, your Facebook marketing campaigns will get better results, while you get some more free time to do what you really like.

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7 Tips To Make Sure Your Image Won't Destroy Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Your Ad Image Can Make Or Break Your Facebook Ad Campaign

When setting up a new Facebook ad campaign, one of the most important steps you need to take is deciding which image(s) you’re going to use. Your ad image can literally make or break your campaign, that’s why you need to give this aspect the attention it needs. You can’t just go out and simply pick a random image, just because you are so eager to post your ad.

Choosing the right facebook ad image

7 Tips That Will Help You To Make The Most Out Of Your Facebook Ad Images

When selecting an image for your Facebook ad campaign, you should keep the following tips in mind:

1 – People like people. It’s a proven fact that images that show a person get clicked more often. A friendly face literally attracts people: it’s inviting and has a positive effect on people. People also like to click on images of people they are familiar to, or that they can relate to.

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22 FREE Facebook Marketing Guides That Will Improve Your Skills And Results

Improve Your Facebook Marketing Skills

As a Facebook marketer, I’m always eager to learn new techniques that will improve my Facebook marketing results.

Since Facebook marketing is hot in the world of internet marketing, new tools and info products are released almost every day. Unfortunately, a lot of those products are very pricy, and since I’m not making fortunes (yet), I can’t always afford to get them. Luckily, a lot of Facebook marketers are willing to share their knowledge at no cost and, as a result, a huge collection of free reports and ebooks are available.

Below you’ll find a list of the free info products that I think are worth getting. Most of them require you to share your email address – nothing is really for free in this world – but will deliver valuable info on how to improve your Facebook marketing skills.

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Using The Facebook Conversion Pixel To Track Your Ad Results

What’s The Facebook Conversion Pixel?

A useful yet hardly utilized customer tracking tool is the Facebook conversion pixel.

A conversion represents an action on a website such as viewing a particular item, adding items to a shopping cart, or even checking out. Any page on a website can be considered a conversion and can have the conversion tracking code added to it. The conversion tracking tool takes these conversions and then helps businesses measure their ROI (Return On Investment) from their Facebook Ads.

Facebook Conversion Pixel

Use It To Improve Your Facebook Ads:

For example, the conversion pixel code can be installed on the confirm checkout page of a website so that the business owner can see when this particular product is being purchased through ads placed on Facebook. When a potential customer clicks on the advertisement, they will be taken to a designated page to purchase the product, and then taken through the necessary screens until they ultimately end up on the confirm checkout page that has the conversion pixel code. This code then communicates with Facebook to determine how many people clicked on the ad. Ads can then be optimized based on this information to then be displayed in front of potential customers who would be more likely to make a purchase. Additionally, the Facebook advertisement report will show how many times the ad was shown and clicked making it a useful measuring tool for traffic generated from these Facebook advertisements.

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