The Death Of The Facebook Like Box Plugin

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Bye Bye Like Box Plugin…

The Death Of The Facebook Like Box Plugin


Facebook just announced another update.

With the release of Graph API v2.3, the Like Box plugin we all use on our sites, will stop working on June 23rd 2015.

There are providing a different option though: the Page Plugin.


…Hello Page Plugin

This Page plugin is not very different from the Like Box plugin we all know and use, so there’s no need to panic.

It allows you to embed a simple feed from any of your Facebook pages into your websites. People will still be presented a like and a share button which they can use without having to leave your site.

Just like for the Like Box, Facebook has added a little generator to their site. You just need to enter some details (height, width, page URL) and check or uncheck a few boxes to select the features you want to add to your Page Plugin. If you use the standard version of the plugin, it will display only your page’s header and a cover photo. You can however decide to show the faces of your fans, or add some posts from your page’s timeline.

Facebook Page Plugin

It’s just a small change that won’t have a lot of impact, unless you forget to take down your ‘old’ Like Boxes down by June 23rd.

Maybe it’s a good idea to take action today and replace the dying Like Box with the newborn Page Plugin.

You can read all about the new Facebook Page Plugin here.




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