How To Multiply Your Facebook Leads & Sales With No Extra Effort

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Generating Facebook Leads And Sales Used To Cost A Lot Of Effort And Money…

So you have just started out as an FB advertiser or IM’er and you want to build your brand, recognition, engage viewers better and boost sales and profits.

So what do you do for that?

The same thing we all do: you create fresh content to organically
grow your fanpage followers or pay for expensive FB ads in order to find HOT leads who are truly interested in your services and can become loyal customers.


How To Multiply Your Facebook Leads & Sales With No Extra Effort


The problem is that this takes a lot of effort and/or costs you a lot of money. If you’ve just started out those are two thing you simply can’t afford…

As you probably know, personal interaction explodes conversions. But if you are a bit like me, you’ve got so much work to do that it is impossible to interact with everyone that shows interest in your business.

So, what if I told you there was a way to reach out to EVERY single visitor and boost sales, build stronger brand and enagement… on complete autopilot. Would you be intersted?


Today, a brand new tool was released that can compel your Facebook audience to become loyal customers no matter what you’re trying to push on FB, and what your marketing strategy is.

It allows you to talk to your customers and prospects and immediately turn them into rabid followers. This means no paid ads, slogging for content creation, or ChatBot that requires your customers to start a conversation are necessary.

With this tool, you can convert more visitors into customers by interacting with anyone who comments on any of your page posts through personalized messages on 100% autopilot!


Introducing: CrediResponse




This powerpacked SAAS app will change the way you reach out to your customers and prospects on FB and makes you super powerful.

– 100% automated. Just set up the message andIt’ll be sent on autopilot.

– Send information, website links, or anything else you want.

– 100% Inboxing rate along with the message notification graphic and sound!

There’s never been ANY other app that could help build recognition and engagement, boost sales and get you maximum returns …


See the features that you won’t find anywhere else:

–> Add Any Facebook Fan Page

You can add any fan page that you have created, or that you’ve got management rights on. You’ll see a list of all the fan pages in your account
that you can select from.

–> Set Page Level Responses

Want to set a response that’s sent for every post on your page? Yes, that can be done. You can set a page-wide response that’ll be sent no matter what
post the visitor comments on.

–> Set Post Level Responses

You can also set specific responses for specific posts.Post responses will override page wide responses if any are set. Which means your customers don’t feel spammed.

–> Rich Reporting

See which pages are generating the most activity and which days are more active with the rich reporting system.

–> Optional Delay

Want to send a reply / reminder 2 hours after the person posts the comment? No problem!

=> 100% Inboxing & Popup Message

The message you send will be delivered to visitor’s Facebook inbox, and a message box will pop up on the screen. You get 100% inboxing rate!



Let me give you some examples on how you can benefit from this app:

–> Surprise and delight customers customers who didn’t expect a personal
reach out.

–> Get you instant feedback from your leads.

–> Make ecom sales and profits so much easier!

–> You can even share custom offers, coupons and specials in conversations
you spark!

–> Improve customer trust by creating a personal touch.

–> Increase FB page responsiveness score.

–> Start off a conversion. Makes sales so much more.


Want to give your business a super booster shot on Facebook? Then you simply need to check out CrediResponse.

If you’re still on the edge about Facebook marketing and haven’t been able to scale up your ad spend / content marketing because you are not generating enough customers, you need to check out Credi Response!

Even if you’re a totally new marketer who hasn’t even placed a single ad on Facebook, or posted a single fan page post, you still need Credi Response before you start.


And There’s More…

As if the product itself isn’t valuable enough, I’m also throwing in a special set of bonuses you’ll receive right after your purchase:

You could be profiting BIG TIME from these bonuses alone.
(See My Special Bonus Page Here)


  • FB Money Monster
  • Web Traffic Tsunami
  • Azon Riches
  • Reseller License to FB Leads Discovery
  • White Label License to WP Content Spread
  • White Label License to WP Content Star
  • White Label License to FB Bar Jeet


Take Your Facebook Marketing To The Next Level: Get CrediResponse Now!



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