Getting Your First 1000 Targeted Facebook Fans (Infographic)

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New Facebook Pages are being created every day. Personally I think it’s quite brave, because with all Facebook’s new regulations, making a new page successful is not as easy as it used to be. It’s even more difficult if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on paid advertising.

Of course there are many ways to get lots of likes and engagement without much effort. For example, you can simply go to sites like Fiverr and buy your fans, likes, comments and more .


This is not a good idea! This kind of actions are absolutely not benificial for your business, to say the least.
(You can read more about this in my article ‘How Buying Facebook Fans And Likes Will Kill Your Edgerank‘.)


What you need are REAL likes from people who are actually interested in your content and are willing to engage. Without engagement, your likes are of no use.


Getting Your First 1000 Targeted Facebook Fans (Infographic)



Fortunately there are loads of legit ways that can help you to build an engaging fan base for your new Facebook page. Simply take a look at the infographic below that will show you which steps you can take to get your first 1000 real, targeted Facebook fans.



1. Make sure you fill out your Facebook page completely.

2. Add an appealing photo and cover image.

3. Invite all your Facebook friends through the ‘Invite’ option. You can even make your close friends an admin so they can invite their friends too.

4. Funnel followers from other networks and your email: simply share your Facebook page URL in emails and the profile section of your other social networks to reach out beyond Facebook.

5. Optimize your website(s) with as many Facebook buttons as possible.

6. Use Facebook advertising to reach more people.

7. Add ‘Facebook Like’ call-to-action on your blog.




How to Get Your First 1000 Facebook Fans
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout



Do you have any more tips? Feel free to share them by leaving a comment below.

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