Getting Your Facebook Fan Page Indexed: 9-Step SEO Checklist

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The Importance OF SEO For Your Fan Page

There really isn’t much difference in the techniques you use for search engine optimization of your Facebook Fan Page than you would use for your blog, or articles, or a website – anything you want to be noticed and indexed for a specific keyword by the search engines.


Here are some things to keep in mind when setting up your Fan Page:

1. Every Fan Page you create should have a tightly focused Theme and, if you develop several Facebook Fan Pages, do not promote one page on another page. Keep them totally separate.

2.¬†Make sure you pick a niche that is active and has a lot of people searching for whatever you want to promote on your Fan Page.¬†Look for the hot trends in Click Bank, Yahoo,, for starters.¬†Search out magazines at your favorite newsstand.¬†Go through the magazines in the niche you are exploring and look for what’s selling.¬†You can believe that if you find a magazine for your niche, that it is a popular niche with your potential customers.


Getting Your Facebook Fan Page Indexed: 9-Step SEO Checklist



3.¬†Do explicit market research with your favorite market research tool (I like Market Samurai and the keyword research portion is FREE.)¬†This is a very important step.¬†If you don’t get it right, you won’t get the traffic from the search engines.¬†Take your time; give it a lot of thought.

4.¬†Go to Google Keyword Tool and enter your main theme keyword and look for additional keywords you can use that have a lot of searches each month.¬†In Google (or Yahoo), you can put in a keyword in quotes (phrase match), to see how much competition there is for pages that use that keyword.¬†Compare the Global Searches Per Month number from the Google Keyword Tool with the number returned by Google (actually, Yahoo’s numbers tend to be more accurate), and look for keywords for a high number of monthly searches and a low number of competing websites.¬†This will make it easy for you to rank for that particular keyword.

5. Once you have determined your main theme keyword and additional keywords you would like to target, use the main theme keyword in your Fan Page Title and in your Profile.

6. Talk about your Face Page on the Social Networking sites. The most popular ones, aside from Facebook, are hi5, Ning, Bebo, Orkut, Linkedin, Friendster, and MySpace. Use Twitter and Foursquare for microblogging. Do some quality content publishing on various web2.0 sites, such as HubPages, Squidoo, tumblr, Scribd, and ezinearticles. Always, link back to your Facebook Fan Page.

7. In the profiles you create for the different social networking sites, send a link back to your Facebook Fan Page URL.



8. Everybody knows that article marketing is the best way to get your blogs and pages indexed by the search engines quickly. They are great authority sites and the search engines love them.

Write several articles, making sure you use the keyword you want to target both in the article title, description, and the content of the article. In the resource box at the end of the article, send the viewers back to your Fan Page or, if you have an opt in page on your Fan Page that offers something free that is relevant to the article, send your readers there. Not only will you get indexed quickly, your will begin to build back links to your Fan Page.

Here is the top 10 article directories rated by their Alexa Rating:

Goarticles.comDA 69 Alexa- 8669 DA 76 Alexa- 7152 DA 68 Alexa- 14051 DA 86 Alexa-2881 DA 62 Alexa-81117 DA 54 Alexa-54921 DA 65 Alexa-60241 DA 48 Alexa-13,315 DA 47 Alexa-32462

Some of the article directories are “no follow” but that doesn’t matter because, if your articles are well written, they will be picked up by other publishers and published on their blogs, in their newsletters, on their websites, etc., giving your article and link a lot of exposure.



9. Visit blogs and forums that are relevant to your Fan Page niche, post a useful, helpful comment, and a link back to your Facebook Fan Page.

Those are just some of the ways you can optimize your Facebook Fan Page.¬†Just remember – use your keywords as much as possible and update often to keep your Fan Page “new and interesting”, and the search engines will love you!

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