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Facebook Updates Newsfeed Algorithm: No More Click Baits & Link Sharing Must Be Done Right

Facebook Updates Its News Feed Algorithm Once Again…

Facebook has only just announced it will be making another change to its news feed algorithm.

In their strive to deliver the most interesting and relevant posts to their users they are making the following updates:

  • Reducing click-baiting headlines
  • Show shared links in the best format

Facebok update
Facebook Update 1: Click-Baiting

Let’s get into the click-baiting first.

Something is called a click-bait if your update is a link accompanied by a headline that tells people to ‘click to find out more’, without giving sufficient information on what the article is about.

Example post:

Facebook update 1: click bait
By using such a click bait, the poster uses the curious nature of users to get them to click the link. Results show that those links indeed tend to get a lot of clicks – which makes them appear in the newsfeed higher and more often – but in reality many of the users that clicked such a link left the article quickly and unsatisfied.
That’s why Facebook wants to weed them out, making more room in the newsfeed for articles people really want to see and read.

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Facebook Launches Save, A 'Read-It-Later' Bookmarking Feature

Facebook launches Save, a ‘Read-It-Later’ Bookmarking Feature

Last week, Facebook launched a new feature called ‘Save’, which allows people to easily save newsfeed content and read it later.

Save Facebook Content Once, Read On Every Device, Anytime

To save a post from the Facebook newsfeed, all you need to do is click ‘Save’ in the bottom right of a post or in the dropdown menu.
Your saved item will then automatically be added to your Saved list, which is categorized by content. You are then able to view it any time, on any device.
Your Saved list is personal and can only be viewed by you, however you can also share a certain save with your friends.


This new feature will be very benificial for fan page admins: fans can save your posts to read them when they have the time, so your messages won’t get lost in the ever-updating news feed.

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Stay-Up-To-Date And Learn About Facebook? These Are The Blogs To Follow!

If you want to stay up-to-date about Facebook, get tips and tricks on how to maximize your results and/or simply become a Facebook expert, then the blogs below are the place to be.

– I didn’t list this blog, since it speaks for itself that I want you to follow it šŸ˜‰

I’ve split up the list in 2 categories: Facebook, and social media. The Facebook blogs bring you news about Facebook only, the social media blogs in the list cover more topics – all related to social media – but have an extensive number of Facebook-related posts.

I hope you enjoy the list.

If you want to find some more interesting social media/Facebook blogs, check out the ‘Resources‘ category in the directory.

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Leave A Review And Win [FB Contest]

I’m currently running a Facebook contest for this site, and I’m inviting you to join.

The contest opened today, and will close on April 22nd, 2012.

The winner will receive the First Social Tab Builder 2.0 package, With this package you can create professional fan pages in minutes. The package includes customizable templates, a template creator, an extensive clipart gallery, 10 design widgets, dynamic fan gating and more. You’ll also receive a package of viral Facebook apps (Apps include ‘Deals’, ‘Sweepstakes’, ‘Contests’, ‘Coupons’, and more…) and free access to the First Social apps white label program that allows you to put one or all their apps on up to 5 different Facebook pages. You can check out the entire package here.

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