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[REVIEW] Social Directory: The Easy Way To Run Offers Inside Your Facebook Pages (See My Extra Bonus)

It’s Getting Harder And Harder To Make Money On Facebook

Let’s face it, Facebook it still the biggest social network out there., even with all the changes that are made and are making it harder for business owners to succeed.

Facebook ads are still the best way to get your offers seen, if you set them up corectly. But there are still other ways to get the word out about your own products, or the products your promoting with an affiliate link.

One of the best ways to do this is by running offers INSIDE your fan page. These offers can be affiliate products, your own products,
amazon products, or you can even use your fan page to find local clients for your business.

I just found a solution that makes setting up a series of offers inside your fan page.

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25 Tweetable Tips On How To Improve Your Facebook Reach (1)

Facebook Reach Is Down

Did you know that there are 1,310,000,000 users on Facebook every month? And that there are 50 million different Facebook Pages, with half of those being small business Pages.

With so many people and businesses socializing on Facebook, how do you know your posts will get seen by users?

Facebook Reach

The goal of every Page on Facebook is to have everyone see every post they make. But the sad fact is that people only read a certain amount of their newsfeed each day, and the competition for space in the newsfeed is becoming limited.

The days of getting free Reach on Facebook just might be numbered. It’s been in the news for months now: Facebook’s newsfeed has had a new algorithm applied that directly affects the organic Reach of your Pages.

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22 FREE Facebook Marketing Guides That Will Improve Your Skills And Results

Improve Your Facebook Marketing Skills

As a Facebook marketer, I’m always eager to learn new techniques that will improve my Facebook marketing results.

Since Facebook marketing is hot in the world of internet marketing, new tools and info products are released almost every day. Unfortunately, a lot of those products are very pricy, and since I’m not making fortunes (yet), I can’t always afford to get them. Luckily, a lot of Facebook marketers are willing to share their knowledge at no cost and, as a result, a huge collection of free reports and ebooks are available.

Below you’ll find a list of the free info products that I think are worth getting. Most of them require you to share your email address – nothing is really for free in this world – but will deliver valuable info on how to improve your Facebook marketing skills.

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Using The Facebook Conversion Pixel To Track Your Ad Results

What’s The Facebook Conversion Pixel?

A useful yet hardly utilized customer tracking tool is the Facebook conversion pixel.

A conversion represents an action on a website such as viewing a particular item, adding items to a shopping cart, or even checking out. Any page on a website can be considered a conversion and can have the conversion tracking code added to it. The conversion tracking tool takes these conversions and then helps businesses measure their ROI (Return On Investment) from their Facebook Ads.

Facebook Conversion Pixel

Use It To Improve Your Facebook Ads:

For example, the conversion pixel code can be installed on the confirm checkout page of a website so that the business owner can see when this particular product is being purchased through ads placed on Facebook. When a potential customer clicks on the advertisement, they will be taken to a designated page to purchase the product, and then taken through the necessary screens until they ultimately end up on the confirm checkout page that has the conversion pixel code. This code then communicates with Facebook to determine how many people clicked on the ad. Ads can then be optimized based on this information to then be displayed in front of potential customers who would be more likely to make a purchase. Additionally, the Facebook advertisement report will show how many times the ad was shown and clicked making it a useful measuring tool for traffic generated from these Facebook advertisements.

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Free Facebook Contest Tools To Dynamize Your Online Marketing

Free Facebook Contest Tools Are Out There…

Facebook is arguably the biggest and most popular social networking platform worldwide, and thus an essential tool for online marketing, both for brands and online businesses. For that reason, Facebook is also the ideal place to host an online contest and attract more people to a certain page to create awareness about a brand or service. However, for those  who may not be completely familiar with the platform or with the idea of social media contests, hosting and running a Facebook contest may sound daunting. That’s what free Facebook contest tools are for.

Facebook itself has an app dedicated to hosting contests on their users’ profiles, but it may be limiting, and although they are quite affordable, the professional plans aren’t free. On the other hand, most free facebook contest tools are not only visually appealing and intuitive, but they can provide a helping hand and turn the process of setting up a Facebook contest into a quick and easy task.

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5 Simple Ways To Get More Facebook Likes

To make your business successful, it’s important to get your message out to as many people as possible. Facebook is an excellent channel to get the word out, that’s why every business (small ánd big) has a fan page. The challence is to get this fan page noticed, and to get as many interested fans as possible. The more people you can reach, the more your biz is likely to succeed.

A good Facebook marketer is always on the lookout for ways to acquire more fans and followers.

The Slideshare presentation below will present you five tips to grow your Facebook fan base organically.

5 Quick Tips For Growing Your Facebook Audience from HubSpot

Just a quick overview:

1. Optimize your page: fill it with searchable information and do not forget to add a link to your website.

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Creating A Facebook Ad That Works? Follow These Tips!

Running an effective Facebook ad campaign takes more than just adding your ad to Facebook. Ofcourse, a lucky shot is always possible, but dont build your business around those. If you want to make sure your ad campaigns are successful on a regular base, you need to create ads that work. To do so, you can use the 3 tips I share in this post.

FB Ads

1. Make Your Message Clear

When writing your Facebook ad, make sure the message you are spreading answers at least one of these questions:

* What is your ad about?
* Who is your ad about?
* What does your ad want people to do?

Of course you’ll be even better off when your ad copy answers all of those questions.

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The Best Facebook Ads Tools: Improve Your FB Ad Conversions

Facebook has many ad management tools that are inbuilt; however, inbuilt Facebook ad managers are not always very accurate. There are a number of external Facebook ad managers which are more accurate; and always guarantee high return on investment. Here are five effecient ads managers that are not provided by Facebook.

1. Social Ads Tool

Social Ads Tool
Social ads Tool is one of the most powerful ads manager that works efficiently with Facebook. This Facebook ads Tool is built with focus on higher return on investment; some of the main features supported by this Social Ads Tool are: Automatic fan page promotion, automatic CPA and CPC ads optimization, conversion tracking and more.

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