Creating An RSS Feed Of Your Facebook Page

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Since Facebook removed the ability to create a feed for a page a couple of months ago, I have been looking for a different method to achieve the same goal.

… and I found one.

All you need is a account and – of course – a Facebook page.

Creating An RSS Feed Of Your Facebook Page

Zapier works a bit like IFTTT: it’s a platform that connects apps to automate tasks. And that’s exactly what I needed.

Before you start, I need to let you know the free Zapier accunt is limited:
– access to a limited number of apps (The Facebook Pages app and RSS feed app are free)
– maximum 100 tasks a month
– you can create just 5 zap recipes
– your zaps will run every 15 minutes.

If you want more features, you can can upgrade your account, but it is not really necessary to create the recipe described below.

So, if you want to create an RSS feed of yur Facebook page, simply follow the steps below and you should be fine.


How To Create An RSS Feed Of A Facebook Page


1. Create a Zapier account. Go through the registration process.

Remember to confirm your account by clicking the link in the confirmation message.

2. Cick ‘Make a Zap‘.

Zapier: Create an RSS Feed Of Your Facebook Page

3. Your first step is to choose a trigger and action.
On the left, choose ‘Facebook Pages’. On the right, select ‘RSS by Zapier’.

4. Underneath, you’ll need to set the action (‘When this happens‘). For your Facebook post, select ‘New Page Stream Post’. Under ‘RSS By Zapier’, choose ‘Create item in Feed’.

Zapier: Create an RSS Feed Of Your Facebook Page

5. Click ‘Continue’.

6. Next, you’ll need to connect to the Facebook page for which you want to create the RSS feed. To do this, click the orange button.
In the popup, give your connected FB pages account a name (this can be any name) and click ‘Continue’ again.

7. The app will now connect to your Facebook account. Click ‘Okay’ when prompted.

You’ll be redirected back to the Zapier site and a green message should appear telling you that your account is working.

Zapier: Create an RSS Feed Of Your Facebook Page

8. Click ‘Continue’ twice.

9. Now select your desired Facebook page in the dropdown menu.
You can choose to add filters based on other Facebook Pages fields to only allow some items to appear in your feed, but this is not required.

10. Again, click ‘Continue’ to go on.

Now it is time to customize your RSS feed.

11. Set the URL for your feed and copy it to your clipboard.

12. Indicate what you want the title to be. Click the ‘Insert fields’ button and select the field that represents the title of your feed item. (Probably ‘Message‘ will do just fine.)

13. Now provide the link where your title should link to. Replace the existing link to Zapier with the field ‘First Action Link‘.

14. Next, provide the text (or HTML) that will be displayed as content of the RSS feed item. You could select the ‘Message‘ field again – the result will be that the feed item title and content will be the same.

15. Author name, email and link are optional fields. You can leave these empty if you want to.

16. Setting the publishing date is optional too. You can publish your item some time in the future, or at the same moment it is posted to your facebook page. That’s totally up to you.


Zapier: Create an RSS Feed Of Your Facebook Page
17. Click the orange button at the bottom to continue.

18. Click the button that says ‘Test Facebook Pages Trigger’ to test your created RSS feed.

If everything is set up correctly, you’ll be presented with 3 test samples.

Zapier: Create an RSS Feed Of Your Facebook Page

19. Click the first ‘Test Zap with this sample‘ button. Open the RSS feed link you’ve copied to your clipboard earlier in a new brower window and check the output. If everything looks like it is supposed to, do the same for the other two samples. Check your feed every time to make sure the output is like you want it.

20. If everything looks fine, click ‘Continue again.

21. You’ll need to name the Zap recipe you’ve just created and turn it on so it will be activated.


You’ve now created your RSS feed for your Facebook page.


You can now load it into your preferred social publishing tool like or Hootsuite to share your Facebook page updates on any website or social media network you want.

When people click on your feed item link, they’ll be redirected to your Facebook post where they’ll be able to read the entire post.

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