How Buying Facebook Fans and Likes Will Kill Your Edgerank

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Buying Facebook fans and likes will always increase the number of your fans, but will it help you? Not really, in fact, you may end up being in more trouble: it could kill your page by destroying your Edgerank score.

Don't buy Facebook fans

Edgerank is used to determine if your content is worth being shown to Facebook users. If you fans are interacting with your article, status update, picture or link then your rank goes up and is displayed to every person on their news feed.

However, if for example you have ten thousand fans and only thirty are interacting with your updates, your Edgerank falls below sub standards, making Facebook to think that your content is too horrible for anyone to read it. Due to this, your post is shown to only 10% of the people – that is, if you are lucky.

When you buy fans and likes, you only add numbers to your page; people who don’t care about your page. In most cases, they come, like your Facebook page and then click on the “hide” story button. These are fake people and robots or even worse, accounts which were hacked to like your page. The moment they see your update or story, they will trash it to spam, thus lowering your Edgerank score, which can even lead to closure of your Facebook account.

Facebook is quite different from twitter as you have to prove that you deserve to be shown to your fans. Avoid fake fans because they will take your rank to the rock bottom; focus on your real acquired fans instead.

Instead of buying likes and fans, do the following and you will see your fan base increasing;

  • Ask questions
  • Share unique & quality video and photos
  • Run contents which are brand related
  • Discuss topics which will make people push the buttons
  • Interact with your audience
  • Keep up with current events
  • Join the larger conversions in Facebook
  • Tie offline to online and vice versa

It takes time and effort to get real fans in Facebook, but in the end it pays off; don’t go for the easy destructive way.

(If you did buy facebook fans in the past, and want to get rif of them, there’s a fix. However, it’s not an easy one: you need to remove all your fake fans one by one. You can do this by going into your admin panel and click ‘See likes’. Then, use the dropdown and go through all your fans one by one, removing the fake ones.

I told you it wouldn’t be easy…)

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