10 Simple Facebook Viral Contest Ideas [Infographic]

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Going Viral On Facebook…


Going viral is the number one symbol of success in social marketing.

There are only few things, if any, that compare to the buzz generated by a post that goes viral and attracts the immediate attention of numerous people.

It doesn’t cost much – time and money – to write a Facebook post, but the results are stunning once it goes viral…..

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10 Simple Facebook Viral Contest Ideas [Infographic]

A viral post generates more opt-ins, more leads, more sales and of course an instant surge in the incoming cashflow.

That means: more money.

Unfortunately, creating a ‘viral post’ isn’t as easy as it may sound. Even the most experienced copywriters struggle to engage the audience on a level that makes them want to share something to the point it can officially be labeled as viral.

Because, unless you’re a psychic or have a crystal ball or something, you can’t predict how a reader will act after reading.


Facebook Contests Do The Trick


However, there’s a way that’s been ‘proven’ time and time again to generate viral Facebook posts and generate a huge interest in folks that are interested in the information that you offer.

And that’s Facebook Contests.

Yep, hosting good ‘ol Facebook contests to re-kindle the interest of your fans and engage them on a deeper level. Once the first few participate in the contest, the word spreads like wildfire and it all snowballs from there.

Bottom line: Contest Work!

If you do them right.

And yes, there’s a way to do it. Doing facebook contests can provide a huge boost to your business, especially if you’re never done them before.

If you don’t know where to start with facebook contests or are running dry on ideas, checkout this infographic that I created “10 Simple Facebook Viral Contest Ideas”.

It will fill you up with ideas and provide you with the details that you need to create the perfect social media contest.

10 Simple Facebook Viral Contest Ideas (Infographic)

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