7 Tips To Make Sure Your Image Won't Destroy Your Facebook Ad Campaign

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Your Ad Image Can Make Or Break Your Facebook Ad Campaign

When setting up a new Facebook ad campaign, one of the most important steps you need to take is deciding which image(s) you’re going to use. Your ad image can literally make or break your campaign, that’s why you need to give this aspect the attention it needs. You can’t just go out and simply pick a random image, just because you are so eager to post your ad.

Choosing the right facebook ad image

7 Tips That Will Help You To Make The Most Out Of Your Facebook Ad Images

When selecting an image for your Facebook ad campaign, you should keep the following tips in mind:

1 – People like people. It’s a proven fact that images that show a person get clicked more often. A friendly face literally attracts people: it’s inviting and has a positive effect on people. People also like to click on images of people they are familiar to, or that they can relate to.

2 – Don’t overdo your ad image: your ad is small in size, and when you combine small graphics and a lot of colors, you risk that your ad will look messy and unattractive. That’s not what you want, since this will stop people from clicking on it. In case you do want to use small graphics, try to minimize color. Make sure you find a good balans.

3 – Questions in your images are never a good idea, but should absolutely be avoided when you also ask a question in your ad copy. Too many questions will confuse people, and they will turn away from your ad.

4 – It appears people are drawn to video play buttons. The reason for this is not really clear to me, but many people are attracted to such a button. When they see an image that shows a video play button, they tend to click on it. Keep this in mind when you’re redirecting your ad to YouTube or another video site.

5 – Don’t try to be too clever. Of course you can use a funny image, but make absolutely sure that everyone is going to understand the joke. Keep it simple!

6 – People don’t like pieces of text written in all caps – this is considered rather aggressive.

7 – Your image (and your ad of course) needs to focus on handling a problem or fulfilling a need your potential customer has. Make sure you emphasize what’s important. For example, when your advertised products or services are discounted, be sure to replace your image by a discount ad. This will motivate your viewers. You can also use this tactic when you are giving away something for free.

It’s important to be on top of your Facebook ads all the time. Keep evaluating the look of your ad. Compare it with ads that are created by professional social media experts and ask yourself if your ad measures up. Learn from them and make your ad resemble one of those professional ads.

Your Facebook ad image is the first thing people see, so don’t neglect it. Your ad copy and the image you are using are equally important – at least. You won’t win if you spend all your time working on the ad copy, and then throw in a random image. To create a successful ad campaign, you should spend just as much time choosing/creating the appealing image your ad needs.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your ad image! It’s a powerful tool – maybe even the most powerful part of your ad, so make sure you take full advantage of it.


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