22 FREE Facebook Marketing Guides That Will Improve Your Skills And Results

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Improve Your Facebook Marketing Skills

As a Facebook marketer, I’m always eager to learn new techniques that will improve my Facebook marketing results.

Since Facebook marketing is hot in the world of internet marketing, new tools and info products are released almost every day. Unfortunately, a lot of those products are very pricy, and since I’m not making fortunes (yet), I can’t always afford to get them. Luckily, a lot of Facebook marketers are willing to share their knowledge at no cost and, as a result, a huge collection of free reports and ebooks are available.

Below you’ll find a list of the free info products that I think are worth getting. Most of them require you to share your email address – nothing is really for free in this world – but will deliver valuable info on how to improve your Facebook marketing skills.

If you know of any other free guides that the world should know about, let me know by commenting below.

Here we go…

Free facebook marketing guides


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Guide
Free online info from SocialAdsTool that helps you to understand what Facebook ads are and how they work. No subscription required.

Power Editor For Beginners
75 pages of screenshots and instructions on how to master facebook ads to explode your leads and sales. Subscription required.

FB Ads – A Starter’s Guide
30 page report that will guide you through the process of setting up your first Facebook ad campaign, step-by-step. Subscription required.

How to Create Epic Facebook Ads
Learn how you can boost your Facebook marketing through smart advertising in this free guide by Hubspot. Subscription required.

How to Generate Leads Using Facebook
Another free ebook by Hubspot. This 37-page ebook covers how to capture leads from Facebook, how to start advertising on Facebook, the type of content you should post to facebook in order to get more leads and how to measure your FB marketing success. Subscription required.

The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads
This free ebook by Wishpond will show you how to improve your FB ads ROI, maximize your leads and sales and in general improve the potential of your FB ads. Subscription required.

Facebook Ads Magic
Free report that will show you how to leverage Facebook and drive masses of targeted traffic using the power of Facebook Advertising. Subscription required.


Facebook Marketing In General

How to Attract Customers with Facebook
Free ebook by Hubspot that will show you how to attract customers on FB and optimize your posts for better engagement. Subscription required.

The Marketing Maven’s Guide to Facebook
Free ebook that uncovers the best tactics to engage users on Facebook. Subscription required.

Fabulous Facebook 101: Zero to Rockstar in 7 Days
Free step-by-step video series that walks you through setting up your Facebook page, optimizing it for best results, finding out what and when to post, and gives a few tips for attracting your first fans. Subscription required.

15 Ways To Rock Facebook’s Timeline
Free ebook that uncovers 15 unique posting styles to magnetically attract fans, make your engagement soar and increase your sales. Subscription required.

Facebook for Business Tips
Free Social Marketing slideshow pdf “Facebook for Business Tips” comes with 18 quick to the point Facebook Marketing tips. No subscription required.

Facebook Marketing Gone Wild
Free 1 Hr 45 Min training video shows you a Simple Scientific Formula one woman uses to Get 25+ Fans and 36+ Leads PER DAY on FaceBook in 60 minutes or Less. Subscription required.

Facebook Fan Page Tips And Tricks
Free ebook that will show you how to grow your Facebook fan page fans and increase your likes, create engaging posts
and loads more. No subscription required.

16 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Likes
Free report that lists 16 ways to get ore likes for your fanpage. No subscription required.

Stop Obsessing About Facebook Likes
In this eBook, the people from Socially Stacked explain why the Facebook’s like count is overrated and teach you how you can collect and use other Facebook data that is actually valuable. Subscription required.

FB Maintenance Manual
This free report will assist you when optimizing your Facebook presence, will teach you how to develop and manage your Page for success, and show you how to use apps to build a powerful presence on Facebook. Subscription required.

Retailer’s Guide to Facebook Marketing
Free ebook bny Wishpond that’ll teach you how to reach your potential fans, how to get new leads and customers, how to use ads to get your best content to go viral and more… Subscription required.

A Guide To Timeline Contests
This free ebook by TabSite shows you the opportunities and best practises for running a timeline contest. Subscription required.

How To Improve Your Facebook Reach
2 free reports in which is explained what Facebook Reach is, how it’s changed over the last few years and uncovers ways to improve your Reach. No subscription required.



Teespring KnowHow
Free ebook that discusses Teespring and how you can benefit from it. No subscription required.

The 18 Common Deadly Mistakes When Posting Ads To Facebook Groups
If you’re not consistently getting any leads or bringing any sales into your business posting ads in Facebook groups, this report will tell you exactly why and more importantly… How to fix it right now! Subscription required.


Do you know of any other guides that should be shared with the world? Let me know by commenting below!

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