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Getting Your Facebook Fan Page Indexed: 9-Step SEO Checklist

The Importance OF SEO For Your Fan Page

There really isn’t much difference in the techniques you use for search engine optimization of your Facebook Fan Page than you would use for your blog, or articles, or a website – anything you want to be noticed and indexed for a specific keyword by the search engines.

Here are some things to keep in mind when setting up your Fan Page:

1. Every Fan Page you create should have a tightly focused Theme and, if you develop several Facebook Fan Pages, do not promote one page on another page. Keep them totally separate.

2. Make sure you pick a niche that is active and has a lot of people searching for whatever you want to promote on your Fan Page. Look for the hot trends in Click Bank, Yahoo, Amazon.com, for starters. Search out magazines at your favorite newsstand. Go through the magazines in the niche you are exploring and look for what’s selling. You can believe that if you find a magazine for your niche, that it is a popular niche with your potential customers.

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