Daily Archives: January 13, 2016

A Simple Little Hack To Turn Your 'Post Likers' Into 'Page Likers'

Today, I noticed a message in my Facebook newsfeed that immediately caught my attention.

I’ve been managing multiple Facebook pages for about 2 years now, and I had never thought of this. Now, after reading about this little trick, I can’t imagine why I didn’t think of this before…

It’s a good thing that one has people to rely on to come up with these amazingly simple tricks, that could really bring in results.

In this case it was Donna Moritz from SociallySorted who passed me on this amazing tip that could grow your number of Facebook fan page likes with very little effort.

So simple, and yet so smart…

Let me make it clear that she’s the one that deserves all credit for this valuable info. I didn’t think of this myself, and I could bang my head against the wall for nothing figuring this out myself. . If I would have started using this tactic 2 years ago, my number of fan page fans would be a lot higher, for sure.

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