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How To Use Facebook To Build A Huge Contact List

Are you ready to UNLEASH the SHEER POWER of Facebook Notifications combined with Facebook apps?

Let’s be honest, traditional email list building can be such a pain! With things like double opt in, spam filters, the auto responder company’s telling you what you can and can’t send, bounce rates and people signing up with fake email addresses, it’s no wonder that email marketers are happy with getting a 18% or 19% open rate. That’s crazy! With a 19% open rate that means that 81% of the emails you send are never even read by anyone 81% of your list is totally wasted! Are you going to be happy with 81% of your marketing efforts being a total waste?

You don’t need to!

I want you to ask yourself a question…
What is the very first thing you do when you log into Facebook?

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