Daily Archives: October 14, 2015

Creating An RSS Feed Of Your Facebook Page

Since Facebook removed the ability to create a feed for a page a couple of months ago, I have been looking for a different method to achieve the same goal.

… and I found one.

All you need is a Zapier.com account and – of course – a Facebook page.

Creating An RSS Feed Of Your Facebook Page

Zapier works a bit like IFTTT: it’s a platform that connects apps to automate tasks. And that’s exactly what I needed.

Before you start, I need to let you know the free Zapier accunt is limited:
– access to a limited number of apps (The Facebook Pages app and RSS feed app are free)
– maximum 100 tasks a month
– you can create just 5 zap recipes
– your zaps will run every 15 minutes.

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