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Free Webinar + Contest: How To Supercharge Your Facebook Lead Generation

FREE Facebook Marketing Webinar

Facebook Marketing Expert Mari Smith and LeadPages Conversion Educator Tim Paige are hosting a free webinar on July 23rd: ‘How To Supercharge Your Facebook Lead Generation‘. (2:00PM Pacific, 5:00PM Eastern)

You can register for free and learn:

  • How to turn an FB campaign into a lead-generating machine
  • Which type of posts you should be boosting, and which ones you should not … and why.
  • The highest-performing lead magnet + landing page
  • What one of the biggest mistake is that even the best social media marketers in the world make
  • Simple techniques to improve organic reach and get your content in front of more of the right audience.
  • The top 10 money-losing mistakes businesses are making with their content and relationship marketing strategies on Facebook.
  • Why (and how) you can use any content to grow your list

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