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6 Facebook E-Commerce Apps To Create A Store On Your Facebook Page

What if you could engage your customers on Facebook, not just on a social level, but on a shopping one too?

Facebook eCommerce Apps

There are many apps that will generate an online storefront to your Facebook page. Below, I’ve listed a few.

Shopify Facebook Store

Shopify Facebook StoreShopify’s Facebook Store allows you to sell products directly on your Facebook Page.

Your customers can also share your products with their friends and followers allowing you to drive traffic to your store.


  • Quick & easy: Setup is simple and done directly through your Shopify Admin
  • Real-time updates: Every change to each product is updated in real-time
  • Customization: Add a banner, edit the number of product columns, and more
  • Collections: Choose which collections you wish to display.


Storefront Social

Storefront SocialStorefront Social allows you to create a Facebook store in minutes.

The service works with popular self hosted shopping cart solutions such as X-Cart, 3D Cart and OS Commerce.

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